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A typical treatment lasts for 60-75 minutes in totality. It includes a 5-15 minute pre-session interview, 50-60 minutes of bodywork, and concludes with a 5-15 minute post-session evaluation. The pre-session interview allows Cami to become familiar with the needs and wants of the client, as well as the client's medical history. This is followed by hands on bodywork using gentle rocking, deep pressure, and light holding which allows the body to awaken its innate self-healing properties. The bodywork is usually the focus of the session, but this is very flexible depending on each individual client. After the bodywork there is a post-session evaluation where Cami gives each client different Self-Care techniques depending on their needs. These techniques help to improve the quality of life for the client extending beyond the treatment. Some of these Self-Care techniques include: Brain Gym, breathing techniques, yoga, meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique.

The beauty of Cami's sessions is that each session is designed to form fit the individual client; based on the clients needs/wants and the knowledge of their bodies the session is individually designed for them. This is possible because Cami draws upon a wide range of disciplines to use for each client. Whether it is through Reiki, Craniosacral or Polarity hands on bodywork Cami has many facets to give to each individual client and thus each session.